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The buffer size is also important on playback of your projects. When you have a large project with a lot of files, samples, instruments, etc. you can start to get glitches and pops when you play it back. So make sure that you understand you can adjust this by messing with the buffer size. ... Set the buffer size and sample rate to not get.

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sample: Buffer sample data will be read into. Size of buffer (in bytes) = (number of channels) * bits_per_sample / 8. ticks_to_wait: Pop timeout in RTOS ticks. If a sample is not available in the DMA buffer within this period, no data is read and function returns zero. esp_err_t i2s_set_sample_rates (i2s_port_t i2s_num, uint32_t rate) ¶. I can access the AISO control panel inside Sonar, but the numbers are fixed at: sample rate 44.1kHz and buffer size 128. There is a drop-down arrow, but it's frozen, doesn't respond to clicks. This is true in the stand-alone AISO panel and in Audition. I had some trouble initially getting everything to work.

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At lower sample rates, there are fewer samples in a second and therefore 512 samples is a longer period of time. If you set your buffer size in milliseconds and not samples, then you are controlling the overall latency in time, The buffer is adjusted for each sample rate so that you always get the latency that you have set in milliseconds.

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I'm using a Line6 UX2 and it's default is 44100 Sample, 512 buffer and 16bit. It seems to work fine and have noticed no issues. Was reading up a bit and found that a lot of folks record at 48000, 128 and 24 bit. I did this and everything sounded okay but my meters in the track and master were kind of jumpy.

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Configuration. Properties of your audioDeviceReader specify the driver, device (sound card), sample rate, bit depth, buffer size, and channel mapping between your device's input channels and columns output from your audioDeviceReader object. Your object communicates these specifications to the driver once at setup.

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I meant Buffer Size - 128 Samples... I’m doing virtual Recording Sessions with multiple Musicians & emailing Tracks to each other. We’re using Shared Folders in Google Drive. if we’re all recording at the same Buffer Size & Sample Rate, even if we’re using different DAWS, should we be having latency issues wit each other’s Tracks? Thanks.

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If an issue persists, select the next (higher) Buffer size value . Sample rate . When choosing a higher sample rate, like 192kHz, it is suggested to have a maxed-out buffer size. This is to avoid the chance of a sample rate mismatch. In the same Device settings window, you can see which sample rate is set by your interface.

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For down-sampling, num_rate > den_rate, st->filt_len is quality_map [quality].base_length * st->num_rate / st->den_rate, rounded up to the next multiple of 8. If we merely limit the channel count to 32 and reduce the maximum buffer sample rate to 192000 < 1.5 * 2^17 then the memory allocation size with float values becomes (64*192000+159)*32*4.

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